During our boardgame day, Jefferson commented that Campari was one of those things he wished he liked. When I asked him what it was about the Campari that didn't work for him, it turned out the was the anise flavor. However, Gran Classico Bitter doesn't carry those same notes and I was able to mix up a couple of Negronis for us, which was the perfect way to celebrate his victory in our game of New Bedford.

You don't get that lovely vivid red color with the Gran Classico Bitter, but you do get a lovely drink, a little more mellow than a Negroni made with Campari, but one with interesting smooth and bitter notes. More and more, I'm leaving the Campari on the shelf and just substituting the Gran Classico in my drinks.


It's a Negroni, so you should really know this one. But just in case...



  1. Combine ingredients in a mixing glass, add some ice cubes and stir to chill and dillute a bit.
  2. Strain into a chilled cocktail coupe
  3. Garnish with a cherry or an orange twist (I went with the cherry option.)
  4. Break out your copy of The Negroni: Drinking to La Dolce Vita, with Recipes & Lore and read up on the history and lore of this fantastic drink.