Jamaican Bobsled

I was still looking for one last cocktail for my Tiki Thursday menu when I cam across the Jamaican Bobsled on the excellent Cocktail Virgin Slut blog. This looked like the type of drink I was looking for to fill my last slot on the menu (actually, to take slot #1 on the thing); a rum drink with a spice or bitter note to move it away from the sweetness of the other choices. The only thing to do was to whip one up when I got home.

Even though I had an ice crisis on my hands when I got back to the flat (and boo to me for being lazy about refilling trays), I managed to put this together as specified, using a nice, clear cylinder of ice as the bases for my crushed ice. This one is really good, with pineapple and cinnamon notes, tempted by the funky Smith & Cross Navy strength rum and the Allspice dram. I went a little heavier than I probably should on the dram and I'm getting a real allspice kick on the finish. I didn't have any edible orchids on hand (and I need to find a source for those in San Francisco; if anyone has any leads on them, please let me a comment) so I did have some hibiscus flowers in rose syrup so I made a switch there. 

This one is interesting and complex enough to make it onto the menu and put an end to my research for this Thursday's event. I think I'm looking forward to a break from Tiki drinks and rum for a few days.


Frederic Yarm, one of the authors of the Cocktail Virgin Slut blog, wrote Drink & Tell: A Boston Cocktail Book and if you've enjoy his blog (or the recipes from it I've posted), you should check it out.



  1. Combine ingredients in a shaker, add some ice, and shake for about 15 seconds
  2. Strain into a rocks glass
  3. Fill glass with crushed ice
  4. Garnish with an edible orchid (or, if you don't have any on hand, a hibiscus flower in syrup, like I did.)
  5. Throw in a paper umbrella and a couple of straw and you're ready to sip